About Aigean

Our Mission

Aigean Networks was founded in 2015 with aspirations to disrupt the marine networking industry that has been so depressingly stagnant with regard for innovation for so long.

We wanted to drive momentous change through compelling product enhancements, exceptional customer experiences, and world-class technical support.

Through the development of simplistic, feature-rich firmware running on the highest-quality hardware we are revolutionizing the way vessels connect to the internet.

Our goal is to always offer the best networking experience possible – and we've done just that.


Our People

We're a small group of complimentary talents driven by our thirst for exploration, creativity, and innovation. Our culture revolves around a central passion for technology and the ways it influences our society from all ends of the spectrum. If it wasn't for this combination of driving traits, our offerings would be just more of the same.

The founders of Aigean have incredible experience in marine networking, advanced robotics, and product development. Both formerly of Wave WiFi, the industry's previously untouched leader in quality and performance, they have harnessed their expertise and experience to forge a suite of products that have positioned Aigean as the new luminary of the industry.


Our Products

We pride ourselves on our products' superior user experience marks. We have completely simplified the process of maintaining complex and fragile network connections, eliminating the need for experienced engineers and administrators to setup and maintain your networks. Now anyone can connect and stay connected with ease.

Our hardware selections have been carefully considered and scrutinized to ensure a harmonious balance between power, stability, and efficiency. In addition, all of our products and components are thoroughly tested in various environmental conditions, certifying that our customers have truly purchased marine-quality products suitable for any vessel.

The integral component that brings congruity to all aspects of our products is most certainly our aesthetic. Our product design trends focus on maintaining a sense of modern simplicity unparalleled in the industry.