Aigean offers an extensive line of carefully engineered networking products for the marine industry.

Multi-WAN Routers

Multi-WAN routers enable networks to switch between multiple internet sources without adversely affecting the onboard local network. Coupled with advanced features such as failover and smart switching, a vessel’s connection to the internet is more robust, secure, and faster than with a single-source configuration.

Wi-Fi Clients

Wireless clients are powerful, ship-to-shore Wi-Fi connection devices that feature significantly improved signal strength and quality versus wireless hardware found in traditional mobile devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) when connecting to shore-based networks, such as those at marinas, hotels, homes, and businesses.

Wi-Fi Access Points

Compliment any Aigean Wi-Fi Client with a Wi-Fi Access Point to establish a proper wireless network on any vessel. Share your internet connection from a Wi-Fi Client with your laptops, phones, and tablets on board and in the vicinity, wirelessly.

Network Switches

Quickly and easily expand wired connections on any vessel, at Gigabit speeds, without compromising network speed and security.

Computer Systems

Computer systems that feature the latest, top-of-the-line hardware


We back our devices — and our customers — with the best limited warranty in the industry.

All devices are backed by a one or two-year limited warranty and include lifetime technical support by our dedicated and knowledgeable team. Rest assured that we have you covered by the best, for the best.

Warranty Information