Wireless Clients

Wireless clients are powerful, ship-to-shore Wi-Fi connection devices. They operate similarly to a wireless bridge, but are in client mode and are self-routing, on a secondary subnet.

Premium Wireless Clients

Remarkably powerful and robust hardware in beautiful, IP-65 rated powdercoated die cast aluminum enclosures. Standard configurations include high-quality, marine-grade Comrod antenna(s).

All-in-One Wirelss Clients

Compact, budget-minded high-power systems in discreet domed enclosures. Great for installations with cable constraints.

The All-in-One systems have replaced our LINK Series. Please call with any additional questions you many have.

Upgrade Kits

Improve wireless performance by upgrading standard antennas on LINK models, or the secondary MIMO antennas for premium devices. Kits must be properly paired by matching model and wireless band.

Advanced Antenna Kit

Replace secondary MIMO antenna below deck for improved performance.
Compatibility AN-2000, AN-7000
Band 2.4 or 5GHz
Antenna 1x 16" Marine
Includes Mounting bracket

Premium Antenna Kit

Add a secondary MIMO antenna above deck or a LINK antenna for optimum performance.
Compatibility LINK2/5/7, AN-2000, AN-7000
Band 2.4 or 5GHz
Antenna 4' Comrod
Includes 1" - 14 thread mount
25' LMR-400 low-loss cable