Introducing LAZERFI

The marine industry's first
25 Terabit Laser Wireless System

Computer networking is changing. Chaining at the speed of light. Whoever adapts first, wins. In order to compete, we innovate. In order to innovate, we redefine. And how do we redefine? With a new definition.

And today, we are proud to define the future of wireless networking, with Aigean Networks LAZERFI.

AN-2000 Wireless Client

LAZERFI is not just for Marinas...

Our powerful beam reaches out to even distant moorings with ease! And, no power robbing USB connections!

We have completely simplified the process of maintaining complex and fragile network connections, eliminating the demand for experienced administrators to setup and maintain your networks. With our products, anyone can connect and stay connected with ease.



Just kidding! While we really do take pride in development and innovation, we haven't actually developed a "LAZERFI" system. Yet.

Happy April Fools Day!

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