A Two-Year Warranty Period is Now Standard

In addition to our AN-7000 introductory announcement earlier today, we have another that warrants its own post. We would like to announce, effective immediately, that all of our products, aside from the LINK, now come standard with a two-year warranty. This also applies retroactively to all existing matching devices.

We have been so pleased with the performance and reliability of our products over the past several months, that we want to offer our customers the best possible guaranteed service and warranty their products to the best of our abilities. We feel that a two-year period reflects not only the durability of our products, but demonstrates our commitment to a reliable experience and can confidently ensure many years of service.

We have updated our Warranty Information to reflect the changes.

As always, our goal is to exceed your expectations now and forever. We hope that this change is one more reason why Aigean stands above the rest.