Introducing the AN-7000!

The marine industry's first
High Power, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Client


We have been extremely busy over the past couple of months iterating hardware, developing software, and field testing the industry's first high power, dual-band Wi-Fi client. Finally, we are able to share our excitement and announce the launch and availability of the AN-7000!

The AN-7000 is the be-all end-all solution for outfitting or upgrading any vessel's wireless system. Before today, the only way to connect to 5 GHz networks was through the use of our LINK5, which required manual swapping hardware or a broadband router to switch between 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Not only have we bridged the gap and developed a unified, dual-band system, but each radio features a full watt of output power, making it the ultimate high power Wi-Fi client. This is truly the first of its kind developed specifically for the marine industry and we’re super excited to get it in your hands and on on your vessels.

5 GHz-capable access point adoption has been relatively slow up until the last couple of years. As our internet use increases exponentially, our yearning for high-fidelity content grows, and our devices have gained support, the need for high-throughput connections has undoubtedly advanced as well. 5 GHz offers much higher maximum speeds and far less interference, over it’s 2.4 GHz counterpart. Installation of dual-band capable off-the-shelf routers and industrial access points has become commonplace and that popularity is bleeding into the marine industry at an alarmingly high rate. So popular, in fact, that many marinas are now 5 GHz only. As the trend continues, our AN-7000 will absolutely thrive in marine environments of today and tomorrow!

Please visit the AN-7000 product page for additional information.

We will be accepting AN-7000 orders immediately following the 2016 International Boat Show. We hope to see you all there!